Become a Reviewer

As a content reviewer with EdReports, you’ll have the opportunity for professional growth and leadership development while contributing your expertise to equip educators across the country with the tools they need to ensure students are inspired to learn and graduate college and career ready.

We currently review K-12 math, English Language Arts, and science instructional materials.

Reviewer Benefits

  • More than 25 hours of online and in-person professional development with EdReports staff and other content reviewers
  • A stipend per series reviewed
  • Opportunities to grow as a leader, and to learn with national experts in the field
  • A supportive network of fellow educators

Reviewer Commitments

  • All content reviewers will meet regularly in virtual professional learning communities with fellow educators and spend 5–10 hours per week, including team calls, reviewing materials
  • Most reviewers work through one series over the course of 3–4 months

Reviewer Qualifications

  • Deep content knowledge and experience with college- and career-ready standards in K–12 ELA, science, or mathematics
  • Experience using evaluation instruments to assess instructional materials
  • Passion for's mission of increasing educator capacity to seek, develop, and demand the highest quality instructional materials
  • No affiliations (within the past three years) with education technology providers or products, curriculum developers or publishers, including authoring or co-authoring a textbook currently on the market


Now Accepting Applications for Content Reviewers

Are you a K-12 teacher, principal, instructional coach, district or state content lead that is passionate about instructional materials and wants to make a nationwide impact?

EdReports is looking for expert educators like you to be a part of its next cohort of content reviewers. Content Reviewers with EdReports have the opportunity for professional growth and leadership development while contributing their expertise to help equip other educators nationwide with the tools they need to improve student outcomes with the highest quality instructional materials.

Areas of expertise that we are looking for: ELA K-12, ELA Foundational Skills, Mathematics K-12, Science K-12, and Multilingual Learners


Meet Reviewers

Whiteboard Wisdom

Why #MaterialsMatter to reviewers

Jana Bryant

Daviess County Public Schools, Kentucky

Carolyn Glicklich

The Chapin School, Connecticut

Arthur Everett

NYC Department of Education, New York

More Reviewers Voices

Our work is about the citizens we’re growing, the leaders they will become, and the future they will shape.” Jodi Hufendick, High School Teacher, WA
This has been one of my greatest learning experiences. I get to interact with a variety of materials and I feel like I have specifically been involved to push for quality curriculum and equity in education.” Casie Jones, Director of School Support, Memphis TN
Being a reviewer helps to develop me and grow more in the profession. I’m always looking to learn new things, learn new methods and learn from other people. This was a perfect opportunity for me to grow so I could better serve others.” Adrianne Sublett, Elementary Literacy Advisor, Memphis, TN
When it comes to materials and the kind of things we do at EdReports, publishers are listening to what teachers are saying about what’s quality and what’s not. For so long teacher voice had been absent from that conversation. But there are thousands of us out here working. Let’s work together.” Arthur Everett, High School Teacher, NYC

Klawe Fellowship

The Klawe (Kla-vay) Fellowship is an opportunity for current and former EdReports reviewers to build their leadership skills as they advocate for high quality instructional materials at the local, state, and national levels. Fellows will develop and execute impact projects that support EdReports’ mission to increase the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify and demand high quality instructional materials.

Dr. Maria Klawe is an inspirational and tireless advocate who was instrumental in the creation of EdReports. She is a renowned computer scientist and scholar who began her tenure as the first female president of Harvey Mudd College in 2006. After recognizing the value that information about high quality materials could have for the field, she led a team to design and ultimately launch She has served as our board chair since 2014. Dr. Klawe has devoted attention to improving K-12 science and mathematics education and removing gender and racial disparity in these fields. She has been nationally recognized for her commitment and success in diversifying Harvey Mudd’s student population, where half of the population at this elite science and engineering school are female and half represent diverse racial backgrounds. Dr. Klawe inspires us at EdReports daily.

Get to know our Klawe Fellows: