EdReports.org launched in 2014 with a mission of empowering educators with evidence-rich information about instructional materials. The goal?  To create smarter demand for materials and improve the quality of curriculum that hit the market. 

Learn more about EdReports’ origin story in this expansive feature from reporter Brendan Lowe:

“Over the past four years, EdReports has published more than 500 reviews of math, English language arts and science curricular materials, injecting a steady stream of analyses into an $8 billion industry that critics say had long operated in an objectivity-free void. Now states and districts are increasingly relying on EdReports’ reviews, shifting pressure onto publishers to increase the alignment of their materials to the Common Core.”

“In the absence of such an organization, states and districts had historically made textbook purchases based in part on ‘going to the right dinner [with publishing companies], and that’s not how curricula should be decided and adopted,’ said Baltimore [Public Schools CEO] Sonja Santelises.”

“The focus...is to increase awareness of how well materials align with the Common Core. By highlighting quality, EdReports hopes states and districts can make informed decisions about which curricular products to use and publishers will be publicly pressured to continuously improve their products.”

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